SMaSH Bro’s All Grain Recipes

Shane has put together some SMaSH recipes for some quick easy brewing. 

What is a SMaSH beer you ask. Well, it’s simple, SMaSH stands for Single Malt and Single Hop. Great for beginners and experienced brewers to really learn about a certain hop or base malt.

Click the link or check out the recipes in store.

When IPA it Cascades IPA SMASH Bro’s Series

Chullay Bin Pilsner SMASH Bro’s Series

Galaxy Not So Far Away Pale Ale SMASH Bro’s Series

Nectaron of the Gods Pale Ale SMASH Bro’s Series

Oz Lager SMASH Bro’s Series

Simple Simcoe Says: Pale Ale SMASH Bro’s Series

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