Belgian Candi

Do you love Belgian beers but can’t find Brewing Candi? Why not whip up a batch yourself, how hard can it really be?? Well, it’s not at all and here is a recipe to guide you on your way. 


Medium pot

Wooden spoon or silicon spatula


Baking tray lined with baking paper


1kg of White sugar

¼ tsp citric acid (or 10ml of lemon juice)

Water as needed.


1. Place sugar in saucepan, add just enough water to dissolve into a thick syrup.

2. Turn stove onto a low heat and gently bring to a boil.

3. Mix the citric acid into the sugar.

4. Keep the temperature between 125ºc and 135ºc. The ideal temp is 133ºc. Use a tablespoon to introduce small amounts of water into the sugar mix to help keep the temperature below 135ºc. The colour will gradually change from clear to amber, then a dark red colour. As a time guide:

• Clear Candi Sugar is free of colour. This takes only a few minutes to achieve.

• Light candi sugar is a very light amber yellow (honey) colour. This can take as little as 15 minutes.

• Dark candi sugar is very deep red. This can take several hours.

5. When you reach the desired colour stop adding water and let the temperature rise to 150ºc.

6. Turn off the heat and pour into lined baking tray. Allow to cool.

7. When the mix has completely cooled smash into small chunks.

8. This is now ready to use. Happy Brewing

9. To Incorporate the Candi into your brew either put desired amount into a hop spider or dissolve in hot water before adding into your brew. If adding directly to the boiler turn off while dissolving to avoid scorching

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