Irish Stout (Guinness) Extract Recipe

This BDF recipe pack is our take on a Guinness clone. This bittersweet Irish Stout has a delicate balance of roasted malts and sweetness.  

Included in the recipe pack is:

Coopers International Series – Irish Stout

Morgans Master’s Malt – Roasted Dark

East Kent Goldings Hops

Ale Yeast


Clean and sanitise all equipment i.e. fermenter, spoon, can opener etc.

Pour the contents of the extract cans into a 30L fermenter. Rinse the remaining extract out with roughly 2 litres of hot water & add to fermenter. Stir till evenly distributed.

Top fermenter up to 23L using hot or cold water to get the required fermentation temperature (18-22c). Mix well.

At this point you have the option to take a gravity reading and note it.

Pitch yeast over the top of the wort. Mix thoroughly. Seal up fermenter add airlock and allow to ferment. On day 6 of fermentation sprinkle hop pellets over the top of beer.

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